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January 10, 2005

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Lighthouse Living

I think I'd like to live in a lighthouse. I'd tend to the light and spend my days reading, exploring the shore and tidal pools, and taking pictures. I'd turn one of the rooms in the lighthouse into an oxymoronic dark room. I'd write a lot. I'd have a Golden Retriever or Chocolate Lab or some other lighthousey-feeling dog. And a black-and-white cat named Matey. I'd have the best sleep in my life, throwing the window open to the sea air - in good weather, of course. I'd dig clams for dinner right at the base of my home, and make friends with ship captains over the wire. I'd have a pair of galoshes stationed on the mat at the door, and constant trekking of sand everywhere throughout the lighthouse. And, of course, I'd have high-speed internet access. I'd change the name of my journal to, "Keeping the Light." A nice double-entendre, don't you think?

An image has stayed with me since I first saw it, in my early childhood. I saw it during a rare trip to the mall with my Grandmother. It's a photo print of a lighthouse in a storm, and the keeper has stepped out onto a railed ledge in order to have a cigarette. A wave is crashing stories high against the opposite side of the lighthouse, encompassing it, curling around it and frozen in time, hovering over the keeper's head. If the motion continued the keeper would certainly be washed away. I've never been able to find that print, and the one or two other prints that are mates to it. It's one of those little holes that needs to be filled, carried from childhood into adulthood. How did they get the picture? Who was the man, where is the lighthouse?

Minutes later... aw, jeez, that was too easy. Glory to the power of the internet. The photographer's name is Jean Guichard, and the particular photo that I remember from my childhood is called Phares Dans la Tempete-La Jument, though I recall another print that shows the man closer, head tilted and cupping a lighter to light his cigarette. Plus, there's a series print here that shows the keeper didn't bite it, after all. Here's an account of the story behind the pictures.

The World Wide Web - Solving Childhood Mysteries Since 1995. Or since whenever Dan Quail invented it.

Movie Reviews in Thirty Seconds or Less

Nod to da bunnies.

Shawn of the Dead: I laughed my ass off. It might have been because of the buzz, but when they started singing "White Lines" I lost my shit.

Troy: Ih. I knew how it was going to end, after all. Interesting how Homer made the Trojans out to be the bad guys, and the movie made the Greeks out to be the bad guys. And for all you Brad purists out there, I just don't think he's all that. The dude that played Hector looked better in this movie than he did in "The Hulk", though. And this is the first time that I actively didn't like Orlando Bloom in a movie. I have a hard time believing that the real Paris was such a pansy-assed sap.

Garden State: What an odd movie. I liked it, though. The Scrubs dude has more range than I gave him credit for. Not that his Scrubs character has much room for development.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle: I AM SO BUYING THIS MOVIE. The unrated version, probably. Love. Seriously. I laughed harder at this movie than any other movie I've seen in a long time. And my new nickname for everyone is "Roldey".

King Arthur: I've read so many versions of the King Arthur saga - the most notable, which I highly recommend, are Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, and Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon - I found the others in the trilogy to be unnecessary. Anyway, the movie was a departure. Purely using the character's names and time setting but falling away from the legends. Still, it was entertaining enough, if lacking in depth.

Darkness: I love Anna Paquin, ever since "Fly Away Home", which I'll watch any time it's on cable. I hated this movie's lack of an ending, though. Made ample room for the sequels that they're already planning, though. It was pretty stylized in the 'haunted house' theme, nothing too original. So, it was eh, but I'll probably see the sequels.

Chasing Liberty: You know, it was kind of cute, if predictable. I've watched it 2 1/2 times on cable. And Calvin watched Mandy Moore's boobies.

I, Robot: Hey, it entertained me. The moral was just a tad bit piquant for my tastes - after all, is a bang-em-up shoot-em-up techno movie from the future supposed to have a moral? And does Will Smith have to have the line, "Oh, hell no!" in every single movie he's ever in???

Referrer Logs and Webhost Lovin'

6: short story fairy tale submit
3: gilamonster picture
2: chipolte's
2: oronoco flow
2: oded fehr
2: dirty diaper
2: sometimes i'll go
2: fat ass
2: athena journal lexxicon
2: organizing pantry
2: platoon
2: painting portrait tom selleck
2: laura
2: gunter glieben glauchen globen
2: i like my coffee like my men
2: morning person
2: blogstickers
1: how to get meat out of a lobster
1: depressing song
1: lost 14% body fat in 10 weeks

God bless Google. But the things people take into their heads to search for! Dirty diaper? As in how to change? How to identify? How to transform into interpretive art? Fat ass? As in pictures of? How to lose? How to fit into Gap jeans? Organizing pantry? Why do they need to search about it - just do it! Or pay me $500 and I'll do it. And apparently there's someone else out there who likes to paint portraits of Tom Sellek, like my Grandmother did. That cracks my shit up. Depressing songs - is someone making a "Songs To Sob To" mix CD, I wonder? At least I provided a public service by teaching someone how to get the meat out of a lobster. Even though I didn't get to myself this year. Sniff. And when did I ever talk about losing 14% of my body fat over 10 weeks? Like I've ever been that motivated. Feh.

I love Dreamhost. They've upped my available disk space, like, five times in the past couple of years. Every time they offer increased disk space for new customers, they give it to their existing members, for free. I'm at 52.9 MB, and I have a 9600 MB limit (I have the "Sweet Dreams" package). Which means, essentially, that I will never run out. I'll be journalling in 2050 and still have all my archives on-line. If you're looking for a web host, I highly recommend Dreamhost. And if you end up going with them, tell 'em I referred you. I get $65 for every person I refer. I wonder if Jill ever got rewarded for recommending Dreamhost to me?

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