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February 28, 2004


Uneventful pictures from an uneventful day.

Calvin, at 9:00. Oh, that's the new bedspread I ordered from Innit perty?

Oz, being a freak because I haven't fed him yet.

Curiosity, cat, etc. etc.

"No-booody knows... the trubble I seen..."

The dramatic dogs - it's *not* cold out, and I'm waiting for them to go to the bathroom so I can bring them back in... I took a picture of the buds coming out on our poor little Charlie Brown tree, who took a beating in the last hard frost we had. But he's coming back!

Doing my homework.

Calvin's watching TV.

The dogs, in their favorite spot. Gypsy always looks suspicious when I break out the camera.

Finally got the laundry folded, and here's Ozzy in *his* favorite spot.

Then he took a bath.

I spent an hour organizing the pantry (just LOOK at the sheer number of cleaning products we have).

Calvin replacing the smoke alarm batteries in the workout room.

I worked out, since it was safe to do so.

Calvin's bored.

And hungry. At this point he warned me to stop bothering him with the camera. Everybody's a critic.

Still asleep.

Marie came in the bedroom to hang with us...

...and she and her dad started looking at cars on the internet.

It's hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror from a distance.

Playing with the dogs in the yard - the tennis ball is almost too big for Gadget's mouth.

Gypsy smells something in the wind...

...then decides to play, too.

Calvin's making something Mexican out of the leftover roast from the other night. Then he came in the bedroom and harrassed me for taking more pictures of him.

The view from the desk, as I'm adding more pics to the entry. It's overcast, and dark for 4:20 in the afternoon.

The 'something Mexican' that Calvin made out of the leftover roast - chimichangas. Which were incredible, as usual.

Marie, Calvin and I watched "Runaway Jury". Here, Calvin is explaining to Marie how a jury works.

Marie's friend Mo and boyfriend Chris came over to hang out.

We paused the movie a million times to chat and take breaks. Here, Calvin is still trying to get me to stop taking pictures of him.

When the cat doesn't want to snuggle, he doesn't want to snuggle.

Calvin says something shocking.

After the movie was over, Chris volunteered to take our rentals back to the movie store. They asked me to go along, and we went through the Dairy Queen drive-thru (after I mistakenly sent them down the wrong street), where Mo wanted a "Number frickin' four with a Dr. frickin' Pepper" - the rest of us got ice cream.

I finally drove Calvin to bed.

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