May 3, 2001

More stuff about me.


Momentary Thought

Mmm... my new favorite. Yoplait's Harvest Peach yogurt. I usually go for the berry types, but AcronymCo was out of them one morning, so I grabbed a peach. Good stuff, Maynard.


It's an in-the-middle day. Nothing particularly positive, nothing particularly negative.

Current Obsession

Am I on Prozak or something? I'm not obsessing over anything, either.

Grin Source

Heard someone doing the "Interrupting Cow" joke a couple of isles over.


Something in the moonlight catches my eye,
The shadow of a lover goes dancing by,
Looking for a little bit of love to grow,
so give me love, give me heart and soul.
"Heart and Soul" by T'pau

Dramatis Personnae
Who I Read
  I learned how to drive a stick before I learned how to drive an automatic. My (then) boyfriend (he who became my ex-husband) taught me in his roommate's ancient Volkswagon Rabbit. I stalled constantly, but never ground the gears. And I didn't feel particularly confident about my abilities thereafter. While on our honeymoon, pulling into a rest stop, I almost mowed down a man in a telephone booth because I stepped on the gas and the clutch at the same time. In our recently purchased, rather groovy Nissan Pulsar (with T-tops!). If I recall correctly, I made X(m) drive for the rest of the trip.

Come to think of it, I didn't own an automatic until well into my relationship with Calvin - the Suburban was the first one. Huh.

My sister used to attend a lot of parties when I was little. Since my mother worked nights, she would be stuck babysitting me. She would drag me to whatever social event was occuring, or else host the party at my mother's house. There were times when she didn't keep a close enough watch on the clock, and there would still be drunken party-goers lounging about when my mother got home. Hell would be paid, my sister would flip mom the bird behind her back, and the next week would see another party at our house.

I got drunk for the first time at the age of five. My sister took me to a party at a nearby lake. I picked up a full beer that was left unattended and chugged it. My sister and her friends thought it was hysterical that I passed out at 7:00 p.m. and didn't wake up until the next day. With a raging hangover. I cried to my mother. More hell was paid. I believe my sister paid closer attention to my activities at such events from that point forward.

My favorite clothing is jeans, and has been for as long as I can remember.

I've turned out to be a domestic nut. For a child whose grandmother could never get her to clean her room, I've certainly grown into a happy housekeeper. I itch if the house is messy and I'm not doing something about it. I adore being a nestmaker, and nothing makes me happier than spending a couple of hours getting the house *exactly* the way I want it, then cooking up a storm in the kitchen, then sitting down in the early afternoon and reading a book. In absolute silence, amid the scent of Pine-Sol. That silence part doesn't happen very often, anymore.

I really really suck at pool. Badly.

Ditto for darts. Though not as badly.

When I was little you couldn't keep me out of the water. Pool, lake, ocean, you name it. I swam like a fish, and bore frigid temperatures as soon as I could stand it. I distinctly remember begging my aunt to allow me to swim in her pool, when the water temperature was a bare 60 degrees. Brrr... Nowadays I don't care to swim really at all. Though that may have something to do with my perceived appearance in a bathing suit.

The worst thing I ever did as a child was quit band without telling my grandmother. I was in 6th grade. I lugged my clarinet back and forth to school as if I *were* going, but never attended. My band teacher contacted my grandmother, who gave me merry hell. I was forced to finish out the year *and* march in the Memorial Day parade.

There are few things I like better than an afternoon nap. If I could go home every day at about 2:00 and nap for 45 minutes, that would be ideal. Sometimes I take a nap as soon as I get home from work, before Calvin gets home. The surefire way to get rid of a nap hangover is to drink fruit punch and nibble on Cheez-Its.

I feel really, really guilty when I spend money on myself. I think this stems from my days with X(m), because I was the primary (read: only) breadwinner and therefore things were always tight. Now it stems from the feeling that I should be spending the money to pay off our debt, or get something for the kids, or use it for something that will benefit the whole family.

Conversely, I love spending money on other people. If I had the ability, I'd buy presents for all my friends and family, every week.

I can't stand being the center of attention, but neither do I like being ignored. I dislike crowds intensely, yet wish I had a vast circle of friends. I want to have an "open door policy" with everyone, and yet I exhort people to call first before they drop by.

Calvin would say the best thing about me is the way I love him.

I would say the best thing about me is that I'm loved by him.

I think I'm realistic about myself in terms of my ability to listen, to understand others, and to be introspective when I may be contributing to a problem. It doesn't stop me from being defensive sometimes, though.

When I was little, purple was my favorite color. Now, I don't have a "favorite". Same thing with bands - I would have said "Led Zeppelin" when I was a teenager. Now I don't have a favorite. Same thing with food, movies, songs... I like a huge variety of things now, whereas when I was a kid I had very particular tastes.

My newest discovery is that I like artichokes. Never used to. What's next, brussel sprouts? Liver? ~shudder~

Things Calvin and I have in common: Love of 80's music, impatience, taste for beer, sense of humor, love of the outdoors, same taste in activities (hiking, motorcycles, vacations, dancing...), love of a good steak.

Things Calvin and I *don't* have in common: Tolerance (I do, he doesn't). Temper (his is hot, mine is cool). Ranch on *everything* (he puts Ranch on *Chinese* food, forcryingoutloud). Plays (I love 'em, he hates 'em). Reading (I do, he doesn't). Feta cheese (it's my passion, he can't stand it).

The best (non-relationship related) decision I ever made in my life was to go back to school. I'm proud of myself for keeping it up despite a crazy life. With a 4.0, even!

I could follow that up with what I think the worst decision I ever made in my life was, but I don't really think there is one. Getting married at 17, I guess, but even that wasn't really a *bad* decision, just the wrong one for me. When I think of how different my life would be if I *hadn't* married X(m), it's amazing. I never would have moved to AZ. Never would have gotten a job at AcronymCo. Never would have met Calvin. So in a roundabout way, marrying X(m) was a *good* thing. So. No bad decisions, just some choices that brought about negativity, and therefore learning.

More Fabulous Facts and Insight into the Life and Times of Laura to follow, I'm sure.

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