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May 28, 2003

Big Ass Survey

Acquired from Heather (and I just realized I really REALLY need to update my links page), provided for your entertainment and my battle to keep boredom at bay.

top five places of the moment...
1. New Gloucester, Maine
2. Portland, Maine
3. Bar Harbor, Maine
4. San Diego, California (at a certain bed and breakfast with a certain someone)
5. Flagstaff, Arizona

top five bands of the moment...
1. John Mayer
2. Fleetwood Mac
3. Simon and Garfunkel
4. Dixie Chicks
5. Elton John (see, I have my "mellow" playlist playing right now...)

last cigarette: Uhhh, that one when I was sixteen?
last car ride: 4:00 this afternoon
last kiss: Tuesday morning when Calvin left for Flagstaff.
last good cry: Last Thursday night, and it wasn't a good cry at all.
last library book checked out: Laurell K. Hamilton's "Narcissus in Chains"
last movie seen: Theater: Bruce Almighty. Rental: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
last book read: A reread of Jan Karon's "At Home in Mitford"
last cuss word uttered: Fuck
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: A Skinny Cow
last crush: I married him!
last phone call: Calvin
last tv show watched: The insipid final episode of Dawson's Creek. Amazing how I haven't watched the show in YEARS, and yet I managed not to miss a thing.
last time showered: This evening after my workout
last shoes worn: Flip flops!
last cd played: A mix CD of Calvin's
last item bought: Does renting a movie count as "bought"?
last downloaded: Alice Cooper songs to burn a CD for my sister's kids. Who are obsessed. With Alice. Cooper. They're all 10 and under. It's weird.
last annoyance: Gypsy. Who does this hackhackhack thing to get us to let her outside so she can steal Gadget's food.
last disappointment: Calling Calvin on his cell, but he didn't pick up.
last soda drank: Diet Coke
last thing written: Creatively, yesterday's entry. Literally, a note on my friend D's whiteboard that said, "PATIO!" Which meant I was on the patio and wanted her to come hang with me if she got the message.
last key used: The little weird key thing we use on the workout room door. We have lever handles on all of our doors, and the cat thinks it's fun to jump up and open them.
last word spoken: "Under the stairs?" Yes, I talk to myself when I IM.
last sleep: Woke up this morning at 6:55 when Calvin called.
last im: Heather!
last sexual fantasy: [[censored due to relations reading]]
last weird encounter: While talking to Calvin on his cell phone today, we intercepted the transmission of a very shrill real estate saleswoman.
last ice cream eaten: The aforementioned Skinny Cow.
last time amused: IM'ing with Heather
last time wanting to die: Never! Even when it has sucked really, really bad.
last time in love: Currently!
last time hugged: Marie this evening when we said goodnight.
last time scolded: Oh, Calvin about something I'm sure.
last time resentful: Huh! I don't know.
last chair sat in: The chair in front of my computer (right now!).
last lipstick used: Does Chap Stick count?
last shirt worn: Tan tank top
last time dancing: Two weekends ago
last show attended: REO Speedwagon/Styx/Journey
last webpage visited: Carrie, for news of her impending home purchase.

Here's more...

1) [[question and answer censored due to family reading]]
2) Tongue kissing or w/out tongue? Both! And utterly dependant on who I'm kissing.
3) Making out in a limo or making out in the tub? The tub.
4) What's the most craziest thing you have ever done? Only very certain special people are allowed to know. Because they were there.
5) Do you have any secrets? Only from certain people (before you say it, Calvin, no, not from you).
6) What do you like most about yourself? My optimism.
7) Being smart of looking so pretty? Being smart.
8) Lots of money or happiness? Happiness.
9) Have you ever spanked the opposite sex's ass ? or the same sex ? Yep and yep.
10) Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes
11) RHCP or NIN? Depends on which song. I love "Closer" by NIN, but I also love "Suck My Kiss" by RHCP.
12) If you wanted to talk to someone, would you just walk up to them and start talking? Yah you betcha!
13) Smiling with no teeth showing or with teeth showing? Teeth! It's the difference between a smile and a smirk.
14) How many times a day do you take a shower? Usually twice.
15) Name one actor or actress that really annoys you? Actor: Keanu when he opens his mouth, Actress: Rosie Perez
16) Have you ever cussed repeatedly to your parents? I think I said hell, or maybe shit, in front of my Grandmother. Once.
17) The smell of skunk or the smell of cow? Mmm... hamburger...
18) Being frozen or being buried alive? I'll pass, thanks. If I die any other way than in my sleep when I'm 131 after having amazing sex, I'll be pissed.
19) Speeding or very slow? Speeding if I'm trying to get somewhere, slow if I'm looking at the scenery.
20) Tornados or Hurricane? Hurricane. You get a three day warning with those.

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