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May 11, 2004

One Hundred Things

If one hundred trivial things about MEMEME isn't enough, here's Bio Number One and Bio Number Two.

Everyone else seems to have done one of these things. (See? See? And there are others.)

  1. I may be 5'3", or 5'4". I always forget to check. So I usually go with 5'3".

  2. I was an indifferent student in high school.

  3. Conversely, I'm making straight A's (so far) in college.

  4. I don't like to participate in competitive sports.

  5. I did compete in horseback riding (dressage, jumping), but I didn't fit in with the Snobby Princess crowd.

  6. I took tap, jazz, and ballet lessons from the age of five to the age of eleven or twelve (I forget).

  7. I hated those damned dance lessons.

  8. I will never work at a place where I cannot wear jeans.

  9. I hate entering a room full of people by myself.

  10. I never know whether to use "affect" or "effect".

  11. I learned HTML the day before I started my website.

  12. I learned the keyboard shortcut to insert a break just now.

  13. Having to run errands after work is one of the things that I most loathe.

  14. My sister got me high on pot when I was five.

  15. She thought it was funny then, but she was horrified when I reminded her about it last summer.

  16. I always thought of myself as more of a dog person than a cat person, but I suspect the reverse is actually true, judging from the baby talk that Oz constantly suffers.

  17. Currently, Deadwood is my very favorite TV show.

  18. When I was little, my sister caught me dancing around in front of the TV while watching Fame. Hey, I said I didn't like dance lessons, not that I didn't like to dance.

  19. So, yeah. I like to dance.

  20. I've been known to chair dance in my cubicle.

  21. The only time I ever sang karaoke was when I was REALLY drunk, and it was Hotel California.

  22. I've never been out of the country (Hawaii doesn't count). (Neither does Prince Edward Island.)

  23. The first out-of-country place I want to visit is Greece. No, England. No, Australia. No, New Zealand.

  24. For the longest time, my favorite romance movie was Sabrina. Now it's been supplanted by Love, Actually.

  25. I know "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" by heart.

  26. "The Princess Bride", too. And "The Little Mermaid". And a lot of "The Goonies".

  27. Calvin didn't realize there was any scenes before, or any scenes after, that scene with Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

  28. I know that last one wasn't about me, but I thought it deserved a mention.

  29. My very favorite snack food of all time is Cheez-Its sprinkled with garlic salt.

  30. And Lay's salt-n-vinegar chips.

  31. I think child abuse is the shittiest thing in the world.

  32. I think it's moronic to use the actions of an individual to make generalized statements about their particular race, gender, religion, or caste, as if their deeds or attitude applies to the whole.

  33. Other than that, I'm pretty un-opinionated.

  34. I don't know how vegetarians do it.

  35. I don't think too hard about where my hamburger comes from.

  36. I want to learn other languages just so I can swear in them.

  37. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano.

  38. I can play Chopsticks and Heart and Soul.

  39. Holding a bird freaks me out.

  40. I usually can't kill spiders, but one was about to crawl on Calvin while he slept, so I KILLED IT! TO SAVE MY FAMILY! See what a person can do when they're put into a life or death situation?

  41. The evidence seems to be mounting that I've inherited my Grandmother's ability to cook.

  42. Except for the whole pie crust thing.

  43. The thing I miss most about living in Maine is italian sandwiches.

  44. The thing I like the most about living in Arizona is the winters.

  45. I'm hungry right now. This statement will probably apply whenever this entry is read.

  46. I'm a food whore.

  47. Yet, I'm not fat. Comfortable, but not fat. Unfit, but not fat.

  48. Curvy, even.

  49. I'm a country girl at heart.

  50. It has taken me a half-hour to get this far.

  51. I prefer e-mailing or IM-ing over talking on the phone, mostly.

  52. I have more friends now than I did when I was a teenager.

  53. It's probably because of the hot tub. Oh, and my winning personality.

  54. I still close the door to go to the bathroom, even when I'm the only one in the house.

  55. There are certain people at work whom I can't stand, and I struggle mightily with the impulse to poke their eyes out with a sharpie.

  56. I have a lot better control over my temper than I used to as a child and teenager.

  57. Sometimes I'm not as nice as I would like to be.

  58. Sometimes I'm not as bitchy as I would like to be.

  59. It's hard to think of a hundred things about myself.

  60. I often wonder how I can feel too lazy and too busy at the same time.

  61. I don't like Cosmopolitans.

  62. I've subscribed several times to the Beer of the Month Club.

  63. When I have to get up, I want to sleep in. When I can sleep in, I get up early.

  64. I drink a LOT of green tea.

  65. Sometimes I feel like reading a trashy romance novel. But only the ones by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

  66. There are a lot of books that I've re-read more often than I can count.

  67. My family makes fun of me for reading so much.

  68. I don't read NEARLY as much as I used to.

  69. Every morning I have the goal of getting up early to work out. Every morning, I fail.

  70. I wish I had more discipline.

  71. I've always hated my nose.

  72. I got called a dog a lot in school.

  73. It's weird how sensitive I still am about that.

  74. I like being a grown-up a HELL of a lot more than I liked being a teenager.

  75. I think the age I am right now is just about right.

  76. I'm not afraid of getting older, but I am afraid of dying.

  77. I've never read "Bird by Bird" or "Me Write Pretty One Day".

  78. Some days it really bothers me that I don't have parents.

  79. A lot of times I don't feel qualified to give advice, since I'm just winging things myself.

  80. I wear glasses for computer work.

  81. I want to own a motor home and visit all of the National Parks.

  82. When I was young, I wanted to be an Oceanographer or an Archaeologist.

  83. I'm afraid of being trapped under water.

  84. I could never compete on Fear Factor.

  85. I know every word to every song on Wham's "Make It Big" album. Same with the "Footloose" soundtrack.

  86. As of today, there are 213 items on my Amazon wish list.

  87. I used to look for fairies in the woods when I was little.

  88. I'm tired a lot.

  89. I like my baked potatoes with more sour cream and butter than potato.

  90. I didn't go to my 10-year high school reunion. I won't go to the 20-year, either.

  91. My first car was a Nissan Pulsar with t-tops.

  92. One of the best weekends I ever had was when I took all of my ex's old computer junk out of the house and garage and piled it up in the yard for the landscaper to take to the dump.

  93. I believe that good relationships require effort, but not work.

  94. I took swimming lessons when I was five.

  95. I tried to swim after one lesson, and drank a lot of lake water. My mother laughed.

  96. I wish I had time to take up scrapbooking.

  97. I like cheese way too much.

  98. I act way more confident than I really am.

  99. I love my family, and I love my life.

  100. I'm done now.

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