September 18, 2001

No fanfare.


Momentary Thought

My 401k account must be getting a good trouncing today.


High: Had a very lovely weekend to counteract the evils of the world.

AND, today is Marie's 13th birthday!!! Happy birthday, Panda Bear!

Low: An Indian Sikh was shot in Mesa, Arizona over the weekend. The person responsible is in jail, but it just goes to show that there are plenty of people ignorant enough to believe that turban = terrorist.

Current Obsession

Finances. Specifically, the lack thereof.

Also, does anybody know what's happened to Sherry? I can't seem to access her website anymore.

Grin Source

Not very much that's grin-worthy 'round these here parts lately.


"I kissed your honey hair, with my grateful tears..." Simon and Garfunkel

Dramatis Personnae
Who I Read
  I think I had something in mind similar to my 100th Entry Extravaganza. Something to acknowledge the fact that I've been on-line for one year as of September 15th. But truthfully, the date came (it was Saturday) and the only reason I remembered was because I happened to look at my archives, trying to find the entry I did about my mom to print out and send to my sister.

"Huh," I thought. Then, "Calvin! Check it out. I've been on-line for a year today."

"Huh," said Calvin.

Ta da.

Gram's passing, along with Michael's graduation and this crap going on on the East Coast have completely pushed the anniversary of ~Snerkology~ out of my mind. But you know, fanfare really isn't necessary. It's a part of my life now, and I hardly celebrate every time I balance the checkbook (well, unless it comes out right on the very first try) or write my weekly report. While the tedium of those tasks doesn't play into writing entries, I'm so comfortable now with my writing habit that it's not the *event* it once was to post an entry. At least, not to me. It's comfortable. And that's what I was shooting for. I've settled in and I'm happy.

So. This makes entry number 182. Nothing auspicious there. I've recently passed my 10,000th visitor mark (and I have a ways to go before I catch up with Anna!). I have well over 50 people on my Notify List, and that's growing every day. And I have a number of on-line folks with whom I communicate regularly and share a satisfying friendship with. I never would have met them if it weren't for ~Snerkology~. I started up a collab and have been very thrilled with the creative responses.

All in all, it's been quite a year. To recap:

- The HIPFH.

- Finally moving in.

- Some soul searching.

- Normal life.

- New toys.

- An experiment in dieting. And another one. And yet another one. Gee. I just discovered another use for this journal. Spotting useless patterns.

- Missing Calvin.

- Getting geeked.

- Some ranting.

- More toys.

- Some torture.

- Meeting Dawn.

- Michael's departure and return.

- Some memories. And more memories. And yet some more memories.

Nothing extreme, just life. Stuff I want to remember, and stuff I'm *making* myself remember. Stuff that matters, and stuff that doesn't matter. Profound, isn't it?

I think I probably had something else to say. I always have something else to say. It's not always easy to make the direct connection between thought and word, and make it worthy of being read. And now I'm realizing that I waffle between writing for me, and writing for my audience. I bounce between wanting to be entertaining, and not worrying about it in the slightest. I waver between choosing each word carefully, and just blathering on about nothing.

The content of this website isn't supposed to be structured, is it?

Hey, lookit what I can do now!

One Year Ago

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