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October 14, 2004

Randomly with all the randomness

Clearly, the title reflects that I am channeling Dooce.

One of the delights of my life is how often I e-mail with Lilly, and how often Lilly and Michael call on the phone to chit-chat. And I'm happy to say that this year I may not be as much of a Holiday Scrooge as I was fearing. Michael asked (asked, for pete's sake! as if there were even a remote possibility that we would be less than delighted and actually say "no"!) if they could come home for Thanksgiving, which pleases me no end since I wanted to do the roast turkey marsala again. Although perhaps I will go slightly smaller than a 22 pound bird this go-around. Lilly will be awfully close to her December 5th due date, so the arrangements are tentative based on how she's feeling (heaven forbid that she go into labor in the wasteland that is the majority of the drive between So. Arizona and So. California!), but I'm going to cook either way.

They'll definitely be home for Christmas, though, which will be so fun now that baby Anthony is walking and aware. We'll have the new little one by that time, too. Children bring such an element to Christmas as to warm even the Scroogiest of cynical holiday hearts. As long as they don't try to eat the bulbs off the tree.

Lawsy, we need to baby-proof the house. We bought a kitty door - the technical term is cat-flap ("CAT FLAP!" In the way of the Aflac duck - Calvin's whole head turned red when I did that in the pet store last night). Calvin's going to install it in the wall along the stair closet, so we can put the cat box in there and out of the way of grasping toddler hands. And Gypsy, for that matter, who is fond of fishing for Scooby Snacks.

Oh, the fun we shall have teaching Oz to use the "CAT FLAP!" (Speaking of Oz, he did that thing with the blush brush again this morning, waiting until I was in the bedroom tweezing my eyebrows (fucking eyebrows) in the closet mirror. The only indication I had was a barely-audible "click" as two compacts shifted together when he drew the brush out of the make-up bag. I ran out to find him, and he wasn't in the bathroom. He wasn't batting it around in the dining room. There was no sound at all. I came around the corner to the hallway, and he was crouched in the semi-darkness, back to me, growling and twitching his tail. He was LAYING ON IT, trying to hide it from me. He's getting more inventive. I can tell he loves this game.)

Anyway, Calvin and I have a good chunk of time off, and the kids are hoping to spend a couple of weeks with us. Don't kill me, but I've already got a very firm handle on the Christmas shopping. The first gift has even been ordered, and more orders are ready to go out as soon as I am monetarily savvy. My current goal in life (other than meeting LL Cool J in person, and perhaps licking his abs) is to have all the shopping done before Thanksgiving, with the exception of a couple of things that, due to their release dates, will be trickling in right up until the last possible moment. had BETTER not let me down, is all I have to say. I hate having to give out I.O.U's to people for gifts that haven't been delivered yet.

This goal isn't as lofty as it seems - we're down-sizing Christmas this year for everyone (for example, Calvin and I are not exchanging gifts, we're buying stuff for the truck). Less concentration on stuff and more concentration on spending time with the family (and the inevitable FOOD). The grandkids will still be spoiled to pieces, of course. It's my God-given duty as a grandmother.

Christmas Lobsters will be purchased from Maine Lobster Direct this year, instead of Cape Porpoise as in previous years. MLD seems to be somewhat less expensive, and they have a lot of neat dinner packages (I'm toying with the thought of getting this one). A couple of readers have placed orders with Cape Porpoise due to my recommendation, so I'm giving y'all a head's up if you want to give MLD a try. I just called their customer service and talked to a very nice lady (God bless the Maine accent - it made me homesick immediately), who informed me that they charge the credit card as soon as the order is placed, and if we need to change the delivery date they must receive notification by 2:00pm Eastern time on the day before you want the delivery to arrive. FedEx shipping is included in the price, by the way. A "wicked good" deal, if you ask me.

Somebody please send me a recipe for a fail-proof margarita that doesn't involve the pre-mixed swill that the grocery stores sell! You will have my everlasting (drunken) appreciation.

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