November 7, 2000


It's a rat!We gave Juno a bath last night. Remember how I commented that she wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture? Well, apparently she *loves* taking a bath (and is therefore still). This fact was not previously known to us. Calvin soaped her up and held her in the sink (the left side where the garbage disposal is was just exactly the right size for a ferret bath), and slowly came to the realization that not only did he *not* have to restrain her (and she can *wiggle*), she was actually basking in the sink. Anybody out there know much about ferrets? Would it hurt her if we put a few inches of water in the bathtub and let her splash around?

After her bath, it was evident that she was feeling good. She would barely hold still to be dried, flipped around until she was set down on the floor, then proceeded to drag herself around by her front feet, rubbing her tummy on the floor. Calvin grabbed her again, and turned the blow dryer onto her. Okay, lesson learned - bath = good. Hair dryer = bad. Very very bad. Pipe cleaner tail, "Keh-keh-keh", the works.It's still a rat!

At any rate, as you can see, any displays of bad temper are completely made up by her adorableness. I mean, just look at her! Look at that face! Uh-wuzzy-wuzzy-fuzzy-coo-coo...

Urm, ah, sorry about that.

Whenever we let the rat (as we so fondly call Juno) loose, Min does her best haughty Grace impersonation:

"How dare you let that creature invade Mah territory? I mean, really, it dines upon Mah litter which Ah have so diligently placed just so within Mah domain. However, Kye, who is stupid, is afraid of it, and that's the only use Ah have for that creature. And Gadget, who is stupid, is small enough to fit into the spaces in which it goes. However, he is also small enough to fit into the spaces in which Ah go, and he chases me so that Mah nicely groomed fur is all mussed, and then Ah must spend hours licking and smoothing. Gypsy, who is slightly less stupid, just sits there and watches, which Ah don't mind, but if she is to be Mah minion, she must intervene on Mah behalf. Ah get Mah revenge upon the humans who have brought these idiots into Mah house, though, by tossing Mah furballs, which are perfect, upon the floor. The tile is not nearly as effective for this as the carpet used to be, where you could see evidence of Mah displeasure as a beautiful mosaic. Humans have no appreciation for Mah artistic talent."

Sarah, not only do you crack me up, but now I'm *imitating* you. I'm cracking my own shit up, here! ~grin~

I'm getting the shutterbug bug (heh) again, so expect more pictures coming this way soon. Any requests out there? I'll try to get a non-black-fuzz-blur shot of Minerva, so Oliver (grin to Sarah) will know who his biggest fan is. Maybe some outdoor shots of the house, some stuff around town, more of Calvin and the kids... Calvin has requested that I do thumbnails for my Dramatis Personnae page. "Take some decent pictures," he says. Feh, you guys'll get us as we are, which is *not* always at our Sunday-best.

Where do you want to go?

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