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September 2000 15th - Against All Odds
16th - Got any good cures?
18th - Kartchner Caverns
19th - Can she do it, folks?
20th - Home Sweet Hell (Pictures)
21st - Quick Blurb
23rd - Productivity is therapeutic
25th - Nesting instincts
26th - Anger Management
27th - Be dazzled (Pictures)
29th - Inspiration
October 2000 1st - Happy little entry
2nd - I'm no chef...
4th - A rare morning
5th - Multifunctional Me
7th - So why do I feel anxious?
8th - Maintaining my sense of self (Pictures)
9th - Monday-itis and Memories (Pictures)
11th - Dis, Dat, and De Udder Ting
12th - Important Public Service Announcement
15th - Evil Dust Bunnies of Doom
16th - Nuts and Bolts
18th - My mind whispers, "Don't relax..."
19th - Dis, Dat, and De Udder Ting - II
20th - What's grosser than gross?
21st/22nd - Controlled chaos -or- Moving Weekend (Pictures)
24th - Potpourri (Pictures)
26th - Things that go "Blarg!" in the night...
27th - Margin for error +/- 100%
29th - Life Resumes
30th - Class Reunions
31st - Punkins and non-scary stories.
November 2000 2nd - Redefining Me
3rd - At Random (Pictures)
6th - Comfort Food, Bugs, and Thou
7th - Rat! (Pictures)
8th - Weird in a surreal way.
9th - In The Air Tonight
10th - "Tell me more, tell me more..."
11th - Saturday Night's Alright (Pictures)
13th - Monday the 13th
14th - Upswing
17th - Muzzy headed
18th - Kickin' some ass (my own)
20th - Free Afternoon
21st - Neuroticism and Kick-Ass Readers
23rd - Too much.
25th - Not enough. (Pictures)
26th - The weekend continues (Pictures)
28th - The Good, the Bad, and the Grumpy
29th - Miscellany
30th - Winter Staples
December 2000 2nd - A Change of Heart
4th - Blocked
5th/6th - Blast from the Past
7th - O Holy Night
8th - Stats and More Memories
11th - Christmas Card Politics
12th - Warm Fuzzies! (duck!)
13th - Just some stuff. (Pictures)
14th - Christmas Menu Extravaganza! (Pictures)
17th - O Kissmiss Twee, O Kissmiss Twee! (Pictures)
18th - Cawffee Tawk
19th - Scan-O-Rama! (Pictures)
20th - Blurb
21st - Emerging Patterns
24th - A Real Day Off (Plus Christmas Party Results!) (Pictures)
27th - I haven't forgotten about the cat.
29th - Slim Fast and Coffee Diet (Plus bonus Friday snarkiness!)
31st - At the Drive-In

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