The year 2000. The year it all began. In which I deal with the Home Improvement Project from Hell, move into our new home, discuss anxiety/kids/pets, revel in my relationship with Calvin, go to school, talk a lot about Maine, and reminisce about my mother and my childhood. Plus a whole hell of a lot of stuff in between.


In which I go to concerts, meet my very first fellow OLJ-er in "real life", and see Michael off to, and home from, Boot Camp. My 100th entry was in February, and I started up Storyteller as well. Lots of collaborations for Storyteller and other sites. Dearest Grammy passed away in August. Gooey stuff about Calvin is scattered all through the year.


This year we are attacked by bees, Calvin and I get married with little pomp but much circumstance, we get a kitten, and life keeps on keepin' on. We get a hot tub, and Marie starts high school. The dentist scares the crap outta me, and I start counting down to my Sabbatical at 271 days.


Michael and Lilly get married, and give me a grandchild at the ripe old age of 29. I make it through my seventh year at AcronymCo, and go on a two month Sabbatical. We celebrate by going to Hawaii. We get landscaping. We continue to live and love and somehow stay sane. By far the busiest year we've ever had.


Several visits from Michael, Lilly, and baby Anthony, and Lilly becomes pregnant with their second boy, due in December. And then he's born three weeks early, and they name him Devlin. I take some more college classes. I deal with depression and anxiety, and get some really neato drugs. There's a few road trips sprinkled in throughout the year. My ex provides more proof of his insanity. I talk about why Calvin and I are not going to have a baby. And, I turn 30. A big year, all around.


I celebrate my five year journal anniversary - five! Holy crap! I really, really embarrass myself in a very bad way. I switch to updating on the weblog, then switch back, because I can. There is Marie drama, and gallbladder drama. I express my opinion on the Sexiest Man Alive. We go to Canada, but there is no snow.


Dun dun dun... another one bites the dust-ah...

Where do you want to go?

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