I found X(m)’s website, before he sent me the corrected address. I won’t link it here (don’t want him to trace his referrals back to me – he has to find this website on his own negligible merits if he’s going to find it at all), but REST ASSURED, it’s the most amazing example of incoherent psychobabble I’ve ever read in my life.

Same as before – thank GOD I had the sense to leave him. Though the decision didn’t take a whole hell of a lot of intelligence to come to – any idiot can see his ass deserves to be left.

Paying bills. Whine.

My friends’ reaction to the pictures.

“Who’s sorry now…” – Connie Francis

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2002 – I’m lonesome.
2001 – Picture pages.

Another interesting morning…

From: X(m)
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 8:49 AM
To: Laura
Subject: (Mr Burns voice) Excccccelent!!!!!

ouch!!!! hmm I think…. hmmm nope didn’t even feel it. Very very good rebuttal to my opening move. I forget did I ever teach you chess? Well probably the basic moves. I really don’t think you got what it takes to learn the deeper strategies. hmmm funny I never write about you. (his URL, which I’ve removed because I don’t want him to find me through his referral logs – that would be too easy) Makes me wonder who is thinking about whom.

And attached were these pictures:

Nice, huh? Yep, that was my tack box. Not exactly irreplaceable. Two things crack me up about this. One, the pictures. That he took the time to arrange the setting, and take pictures of each stage of the destruction process, well, it’s just too precious. Two, the “chess” comment in his message. Apparently he forgets that every time he played chess with Michael (who was then twelve years old), he got his ass beat. And he says I ain’t got what it takes to learn the “deeper strategies”. Feh.

TWO MORE e-mails arrived from him, on the heels of this message. One, a forwarded copy of the message his sister sent to him (did I mention she works at AcronymCo, too?), providing my work e-mail address (which SO violates corporate policy). The other was this:

From: X(m)
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 9:08 AM
To: Laura
Subject: OMG do you know how many (my real name)’s Google has.

Please be more helpful. Some interesting reading below.

What followed was a cut-and-paste excerpt from his own journal – an immensely long and fiendishly boring accounting of an incident that happened to him while he was homeless in California. I had actually read it aloud to Calvin last night (of course I checked out X(m)’s website! The opportunity to further fuel my derision was too good to pass up), and, no joke, he started falling asleep in the middle of it. Plus – and you all know how I am about this kind of thing – the spelling and grammar were making my eyes bleed. It was clear to both Calvin and I that X(m) is living in some fantasy world that he is actually convinced is reality. I mean, reading the stuff on his site was like watching a Spike Jonze movie – all surreal, like you just can’t quite get what’s going on.

At any rate, I responded to the first message with, “Since our point of contention has been so effectively destroyed, please stop contacting me.” Hopefully that will be the end of it, though I’m sure I’ll hear from him again if he ever finds my website. Otherwise, it’ll be another round of restraining orders and getting Corporate Security involved, and I DON’T want to have to go through all of that crap again.

Sigh. Never a dull moment around here.

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