1icongirlbeatscalvinLast night. It’s like deja vu all over again…

Me: “Hello?”
Rep: “Hello, may I please speak to Laura?”
Me: “This is she.”
Calvin: “Who is that?”
Me: *waives at Calvin to shoooooooosh*
Rep: “Did you recently place an on-line order with Pizza Hut?”
Me: “Yes I did.”
Calvin: “If they want money, hang up.”
Rep: “Would you be willing to participate in a brief survey about your experience?”
Me: “Sure.”
Rep: “Okay, on a scale of one to seven, how would you rate your overall experence?”
Me: “Seven.” *eyeballs Calvin, knowing what’s coming next*
Calvin: “Seven what?”
Rep: “Next question, how would you rate the ease of site navigation?”
Me: “Seven.”
Calvin: “Six! Fourteen! Two! Eleven!”
Me: *starts to giggle*
Rep: “How likely would you be to order from Pizza Hut on-line again in the future?”
Me: “Seven.”
Calvin: “SEVEN WHAT???”
Me: *waives at Calvin to shoooooooosh*
Rep: “How would you rate the accuracy of your order?”
Me: “Seven.”
Calvin: “Two four three… five six four… five seven… six seven… SEVEN! SEVEN! SEVEN!!!
Me: *Start to crack up, apologize to the rep.*
Rep: “That’s okay, ma’am, we’re almost done. Would you like to record a brief message about your experience?”
Me: *eyeballs Calvin, who is wordlessly holding up seven fingers in the air, head thrown back in mock ecstacy* “Uhh, with my husband standing right here, I’d better not.”
Rep: “I understand, ma’am. Thank you for your time.”


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