My beloved Patriots blew it this year, and the GODDAMN STEELERS made it AGAIN. I HATE the Steelers, and not just because they beat the Cardinals that one time. Robert and Joy are thrilled of course, being die-hard members of Steeler Nation in a MOST annoying way. I wouldn’t mind having Robert over for the game (Joy has to work), but I might have to kill him. I have no idea what Amanda’s plans are, but the invitation has been extended to yell at the TV at our house.

So. Yeah. We’re rooting for the Packers.

It matters not how many people do or do not show up at our house for the game (you guys wanna come over?), as I’ll be cooking enough to feed an army regardless.

  • This recipe for pork ribs, which I shall probably modify and post at some point over at WFN.
  • Grandma’s Potato Salad
  • A metric ton (or I guess that would be tonne?) of nachos. We like ’em with seasoned cooked beef, beans, jalapeños, shredded cheese, and salsa. I add sour cream, green onions and black olives to my serving. Layer all of the ingredients in a big ol’ casserole dish and bake ’em until the cheese is melty. Mmm… cheeeese…
  • A veggie platter with ranch for dipping. Because we have to at least nod in the direction of something healthy-ish.
  • Fat Tire and Bridgeport IPA. Bill and I have almost entirely quit drinking since the New Year (ha, gotta write an entry about that) but decided to treat ourselves for the Big Game.

I may or may not do another stream-of-consciousness entry during the game. I probably WILL be on Twitter (hush, Bill). Foul language may be heavily in use. You have been warned.