So! I mentioned back on March 21st that I had a big upcoming announcement. Since exactly ZERO people expressed curiosity regarding said announcement, it could quite possibly be that exactly ZERO people care about said announcement.

(It could also be because I already spilled the beans to the three or four people that I figured may have been interested in what I was up to. I can keep YOUR secrets, I just can’t keep my OWN.)

But that’s not gonna prevent me from saying anything about it here, because it is kind of a big deal, to me.

So, if you’re inclined, go read this, and then come back. Again, if you’re inclined.

If not, just keep reading, because I’m going to tell you whether you’ve followed the link or not.

Beyond Megapixels, that photography website that I’ve been writing for since August of 2009, is now MINE. I purchased it, going in halvesies with Steve Russell (he’s been a contributing writer on BMP for several months, and you’ve also seen his comments ’round these here parts). We’re splitting the responsibilities and the accompanying fame and fortune that is SURE to come (like, tomorrow… if not later on today).

You all know that it is my eventual goal to support my half of the income requirements for our household entirely via my freelance work – the thought being that I could support us and make a living regardless of where we live (read: the boonies of Maine). This is yet another step along that path (the very LONG path along which I have only progressed about 20%), and I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunities that have been coming my way.

I’m excited, I’m ambitious, and I’m a wee bit nervous. I have a bit of a learning curve to overcome (mostly related to WordPress nuts and bolts, AdSense nuts and bolts, and lots of whatnot). But mostly I’m just terribly pleased with the whole situation.

So! That’s the news! I now return you to your regular Wednesday programming.