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Checking in

I’m still alive. We’re still alive.

The owls are back. I’ll post a picture… sometime.

We got a new truck. Ditto on the picture. We traded in the Trailblazer for something that is more Maine Winter Friendly. Just the next step in our Grand Plans!

I’m in the throes of the last month of school for this semester. I’m working furiously on my Portfolio – the one that is supposed to net me upwards of 30 credits. The results of this thing will dictate whether I take one, two, three, or four more classes. Then there’s the other class – two papers due in the next few weeks in that one. So, that’s why I’m not writing much here. Or here very much lately, either. Four more weeks and I can re-commit to a regular writing schedule, both places. Swearz.

In a sort of mostly related segue, anybody ever read this? Thoughts? Specifically, why she has to have so many sexual metaphors for the act of taking a picture?

I’m making these at my earliest convenience. Do you think they’d do as a Thanksgiving dessert? I’m not much for pumpkin pie.

Speaking of recipes, I got The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. It is the most beautiful, entertaining cookbook I’ve ever owned. The pictures are drool-worthy. But you knew that already.

Really, that’s it. Head down. Plowing forward. Work work work. Sleep, clean the house, play with the dog, work some more. I really do need to post more pictures of Bailey. Her awesomeness continues. Here’s one:

So… how are YOU?


There has been craziness. Some if it good, some of it very much NOT good. I could have just taken a break – a week or two TOPS – without telling you guys… but that’s just rude. So! Tune back in somewhere around the 19th. In the meantime, look at the pretty picture.

Grand Tetons, as seen from near Jenny Lake, Wyoming.

Grand Tetons, as seen from near Jenny Lake, Wyoming.

All of the elevens.

11 things at 11:11 on 11/11/11, bitches.

There. I mentioned it. Woo.


1. It’s Veteran’s Day. Veterans are awesome. Go find the one nearest to you and give them a hug.

2. These things are crack. CRACK, I tell you. (For those of you too lazy to click the link, I’m referring to the Nature Valley Granola Thins. Dark Chocolate, if you please.)

3. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT. (Overcome your laziness and clicky clicky.)

4. I am SUFFERING for the lack of an iPod. Mine died a slow, battery-related death. I decided to start completely over and unceremoniously un-installed iTunes from my computer AND deleted my music library (I am brave!). I’ll start fresh with all of my favorites and none of the bullshit songs I always skipped anyway, but then were too lazy to actually remove from my playlist once I was sitting in front of a computer. So. Another want. 16GB in blue, if you please.

5. Speaking of which:

6. I’m on Pinterest (tljoyce). Most of my pins have been about food (I know, you’re shocked). Most recently, THIS. Plus, this, but only because Robyn said so. I have fallen OUT of like with P-Dub.

7. I got my acceptance letter to UMass Amherst UWW yesterday. Classes start January 23rd. Can I get a FINALLY?

8. I want every necklace on this site. (I’m very consumer driven in this entry, aren’t I?)

9. Speaking of consumerism, go here and buy things for the photographer in your life.

10. Robert and I are going to see two movies during the week that I have off after Thanksgiving. One may or may not be Breaking Dawn. The other is DEFINITELY The Muppet Movie. Judge not lest ye be judged.

11. I ask people how they are, and SO MANY PEOPLE respond with, “It’s Friday!” So I respond with, “You know, I thought I heard something about that on the news.” They just blink at me. People don’t get my sense of humor. Except YOU guys. YOU guys get me. And complete me.

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