It all started here (or here if you’d like to see the original) eleven years ago today.

I find it auspicious in a harbinger kind of way that the first entry of substance, posted the very next day, was about a hangover.

The very first picture I ever posted to my website was this one:

It’s our house (from the back yard) the way it was before we remodeled it during the Home Improvement Project From Hell (HIPFH). Like, wow.

The very first picture I ever posted of myself was this one:

I was 26. I have no excuse for the hair.

This is the very first picture I ever posted of Bill (Calvin!):

He was juuuuust about to turn 37 in a few days. I find it amusing that I am the age now that Bill was in that picture eleven years ago.

The first recipe I ever posted was for enchiladas (here is the updated version on World Famous Nosh).

So. Yeah. Still here! Not going anywhere! Here’s to another eleven (which will be the year 2022 and I will be 48 YEARS OLD).

What were YOU doing eleven years ago? Besides reading my journal, that is?