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The Rules
February 2001
Fill out the story:
"A older gentleman is sitting at a bus stop. He is dressed in quality clothing, with a middle eastern feel to them. He is bronze, with tight hair and a beard startlingly white against his skin. On his lap he holds a leather bound folder, tied together with a thong, containing thick, pulpy paper. He stares ahead, but occasionally allows his eyes to follow passing cars or pedestrians. The sky overhead, dark with clouds, begins to release fat drops as the bus approaches. The man lifts his face to the sky, and grips the folder tightly in strong, sinewy hands."
- Viv of First Person Particular
- Laura of ~Snerkology~
- Jayne of Periphery
March 2001
Write a short story or paragraph. It must contain the following words:
  • blue
  • subway
  • princess
And the following sentences:
  • "The whole thing was entirely meaningless."
  • "It must have been somebody's favorite song."
- Anne of Bleeding Ink - "Elsa's Dream"
- Leslie of blue-fly - "Don't Call Me"
- Mads of case-sensitive - "the distortion groove"
- Viv of First Person Particular - "Saturday Night"
- Jayne of Periphery - "The whole thing was entirely meaningless (the futility of love)"
April 2001
Write a fictional story in which *you* are the main character. The story may be in any person (first, third...). Write about a life completely different from your "real" life. Take it in any direction you want. To help clarify the topic, some suggestions would be to write about yourself in a different career, or from a different nationality, or even as a different sex. You could have superpowers, or a talent you've always wanted but don't possess. It can be as long or as short as you'd like. Just have fun!
- Jayne of Periphery - "Omnipotent"
- Illiana of Distant Sun - "Alternate"
- Arthur of Storytime
- Laura of ~Snerkology~ - "It Could Have Been"
- Mads of case-sensitive - "There Comes A Stranger"
May 2001
Write a story about a book. The book can be about whatever you'd like, and its circumstances can be whatever you'd like (place, time, culture). Tell about the meaning of the book, or the lives the book has touched, or how the book has changed hands and why, or the story of the author(s) of the book, or any combination of these... basically, what's so special about this book?
- Peg of Mechaieh's Windowseat - "The Book of Grace"
- Illiana of Distant Sun - "Compendium" A continuation of last month's "Alternate"
- Mads of case-sensitive - "booked out"
June 2001
Write a short story within the genre of: Fantasy.
- Illiana of Distant Sun - "Phantasm" (A continuation of her past two months' Storyteller contributions.)
- Dawn of Running With Scissors - "Because they always come back"
- Laura of ~Snerkology~ - "Gamepieces"
- domynoe of persuasions - "a last meeting"
- Peg of Mechaieh's Windowseat - "Lemon Sass"
July 2001
Write a short story whose beginning sentence is:
"The crowd was expertly held in thrall."
And whose ending sentence is:
"The only thing left to do was pray that the secret was never discovered."
- Katy of Auspice - contribution
- Dawn of Running With Scissors - contribution
- Illiana of Distant Sun - "Clandestine"
August/September 2001
This month's genre is "surreal". Write a surreal story, of the clock dripping, rabbit hole falling, horizontal staircase climbing type.
- Illiana of Distant Sun - "Dimentionality"
- Madolyn of Written - "in the shadow of a snail"
- Contributor from Woeful Soul - "Rabbit Hole"
October/November 2001
Topic 1: Write the "real story" behind an urban legend, myth, fairy tale, ghost story, wives' tale, folk lore, or superstition.
Topic 2: Write a story about this picture:
- Katy of Auspice - Contribution
- xsty of Thoughts Spewed Forth - "Bertha's Story"
December 2001
Topic 1: Choose any of the past Storyteller topics that you didn't get a chance to contribute to, and write a story.


Topic 2: Submit a short story you've written in the past. It could be a past school assignment, something you've worked on on your own, or even a story that's still in the works.
- Criston B. Gravely of Silent All These Years - "The Man in the Long Black Coat"
January 2002
Write a story which includes "body odour", "gradient" and "cacophony", mentions at least one (live) rabbit and doesn't use the letter X.
- Laura of ~Snerkology~ - "The Awakening"
- Katy of Dot TK - Contribution
February 2002
Write a romantic story.
- Sabine N. - The Days of Whine and Moses
March 2002
Choose one of the following titles and write a story about it:

  • The Invitation
  • The Cliff Castle
  • Summer Wind Gods
  • Princes and Thieves
  • Standing First
- Sabine N. - "The Invitation"
- Elle of The Windmills are Winning - "The Cliff Castle"
- Laura of ~Snerkology~ - "Summer Wind Gods"
- Bettina of Pomegranate Seeds - "Summer Wind Gods"
April 2002
Write a story in which the character stays in one place. It could be in a room, or in a car (the car qualifies as "one place", even though it may be moving), or hanging out in jury duty, for example.

- Sabine N. - "The Blue Princess on the Subway"
- "Cat Tree" by Richard Crawford of Richard Crawford's World
- "She who waits" by Bettina of Pomegranate Seeds
- "Prisoner of Love" by Elle of The Windmills are Winning
- "Modern Day Cattle Drive" by Pigeye
May 2002
1. Write a story in honor of Mother's Day (topic suggested by Sabine N.);

2. Write a story in first-person narrative where the narrative voice is of the opposite gender (to your own). Try to use the perspective of a person of that gender. (topic suggested by Madolyn)
- Sabine N. - "The Meditation"
- "Mothers Day Yet to Come" by Carol of Passion's Prisoner
June/July 2002
Write a children's story. Feel free to illustrate it if you have the means.
- The sun and the moon by Louise of Whispering the Sounds of Silence
- Chocolate Ladybugs by Sabine N.
- mind games by Tam of shadowland
August 2002
Write a short story which is entirely comprised of letters exchanged between two (or more) characters.
- Roadkill by Whitebeam of Styx and Stones
- Not for Love? by Elle of The Windmills are Winning
- To Whom I Write by Louise of Whispering The Sounds Of Silence
- Epistle by Illiana of Distant Sun
- Mailbox by Sabine N.
September 2002
Write a short story in which the main charcter is unable to speak for any reason other than a physical or mental diability.
- Maurice's Gold Solidus by Roberto Naranjo
October 2002
Write a short story about the subject of: "A calling". Interpret the subject any way you'd like.
- "Keys" by Roger
- "A Calling" by Sabine N.
November 2002
Write a short story that takes place in your favorite city. Be specific about places and details.
- "London" by Roberto Naranjo
- "Finding Her Calling" by Louise of Whispering the Sounds of Silence
- "Next Time" by Louise of Whispering the Sounds of Silence

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